Say It's Your Birthday: Kate Bush & Jon Luini

We present to you, Mr. Luini.

Today is the birthday of the one and only Jon Luini. Mr.

Luini is an accomplished musician who performs in four bands, including the

very excellent Mudkats. He is also Executive VP of Addicted To Noise, and in

charge of all things technical at the world's premier online rock & roll

magazine. He is also head of the Suddenly Changing Hairstyles

department at ATN. Additionally, Luini is a founder of MediaCast, the

respected San Francisco-based company that specializes in netcasts. We

wish him a very happy

birthday. Today is also the birthday of Kate Bush, born today in 1958 in

Bexleyheath, England. Bush played a large role in the experimental pop movement

of the '80s. She had immediate success with her first single, "Wuthering

Heights" (a #1 hit in England) which featured the vocal gymnastics that would

mark her career. Bush has never matched her initial success, and has had few

hit singles in America. However, combining the folk roots and broad range of

Joni Mitchell with elements of art and prog rock, she developed a devoted

following on both sides of the Atlantic. Discovered by Pink Floyd's David

Gilmour (who was told of her four-octave range) she was taken under his wing,

and her debut album, '78's The Kick Inside was recorded under his

supervision. Later she worked with other art-rock favs such as Peter Gabriel,

and produced a handful of magical albums in the '80s, most notably '85's The

Hounds of Love and '89's Sensual World. Her last album was 1993's

The Red Shoes.Other birthdays: the late Supreme Florence Ballard, Sweet

bassist Andy Scott, and The Human League's Adrian Wright.