Ween and Twang

Been to the country.

You might get three songs into 12 Golden Country Greats before you

realize it's the new Ween CD. You might easily glide by the pedal steel guitar

and piano shuffle of "I'm Holding You," even with warmly-rendered lyrics like,

"I'm tripping/writhing and squealing/puking/ looking for someone like you," and

the rollicking "Japanese Cowboy" could slip under your radar if you don't pay

strict attention to the line, "like a Japanese cowboy/ Or a brother on skates."

Yes, Ween have gone country. But not like you'd expect. Sure, by the time the

third song, "Piss Up a Rope" moseys along, with it's chorus, "You can piss up a

rope/ And you can put on your shoes/ Hit the road, get truckin'/ Pack your bag,

I don't need the ag/ On your knees you big booty bitch start suckin'/ You ride

my ass like a horse in a saddle/ Now your up shit's creek with a turd for a

paddle," etc., you might get that familiar warm frontal lobe glow, secure in

the knowledge that some good, greasy bathroom humor is in the offing. Not so

fast. They may be the crown (clown?) princes of oddball rock, but even when the

screechy guitar solo slithers out mid-song, you won't necessarily recognize the

side players who've joined them on this journey.

Ween, perhaps best known

for their completely accidental radio hit, "Push The Little Daisies," want you

to know one thing...

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