Say It's Your Birthday: Deep Purple's Ian Paice

Today is the birthday of Ian Paice, the drummer for Deep

Purple and Whitesnake. Paice was born on this day in 1948, in Nottingham

England. Deep Purple, formed in 1968, first signed to Bill Cosby's ill-fated

Tetragrammation label. Their music, a heavy-handed mix of classical and rock,

earned them the dubious honor of being called the world's loudest rock band, in

the Guinness Book Of World Records. The band's hey-day, circa 1970-1972, was

highlighted by the lightning fast duels between keyboardist Jon Lord and then

lead guitarist Ritchie Blackmore. During a more recent incarnation, David

Coverdale was the lead singer. Coverdale and Paice went on to form the popular

but dreadful MTV/AOR band, Whitesnake. Other birthdays: Colin Hay (Men At

Work), the late Johnny Ace and disco star Evelyn "Champagne" King.