Van Halen Working With David Lee Roth Again

Eddie is back workin' with his old singer.

The rumors that began circulating Tuesday that

David Lee

Roth has rejoined Van Halen were confirmed by the group's management yesterday.

Sammy Hagar has left Van Halen after fronting the group for 11 years. And the

remaining members of the group and Roth are currently in the studio recording a

new song that will appear on a Van Halen greatest hits album. A press release

from Hagar's publicist said that the singer has "regretfully" split from the


due to "creative differences." Since leaving Van Halen, Roth's solo career has

been marginal. Meanwhile, Van Halen had the biggest success of it's lengthy

career with Hagar handling lead vocals and rhythm guitar chores. Still, if Roth

permanently returns to the group, a proposed 1997 world tour could bring the

group an unprecedented payday. At Warner Bros., the label that Van Halen record

for, the departure of Hagar was apparently a complete surprise to company

executives. They called a meeting with Van Halen management for late Wed.

afternoon, and a press statement is expected today.