Jail Term Put On Hold For Rapper Tupac Shakur

A free man.

Livin' large? Livin' a charmed life? Well, at least he's

livin' free for the moment. Tupac Shakur's 120-day jail term (for a violation

of his probation on a 1994 misdemeanor battery conviction by being convicted in

New York on sex abuse charges) has been put on hold until there is a ruling on

Shakur's appeal of both the sex abuse conviction and the probation violation,

Reuters reported today. The hit rapper is currently working on a movie,

"Gridlock"; Judge Abraham Khan ruled yesterday (Friday, June 7) that it would

be unfair to send him to jail while the appeals are pending. Shakur told

reporters after the hearing that he's being hounded by the authorities. "Sure I

did some bad things years ago but I've changed," he said. "I just want to get

on with my life and they don't want to let me."

The 1994 misdemeanor

battery conviction resulted from a March, 1993 assault on a Hollywood video

producer. Then there were those illegal weapons charges that Shakur pleaded

guilty to last month; police had found a loaded pistol in the rapper's car in

April, 1994 after stopping him for speeding. Shakur pleaded guilty to that one.

Sentencing was postponed until September 12 and the case is expected to be

dropped if he fulfills his promise to organize a concert to benefit

underprivileged inner-city children. No word on when the concert will take

place, and who is performing.