Say It's Your Birthday: Ron Wood

Wood and big brother Keith.

Today is the birthday of Ron Wood, born in Hillingdon,

Middlesex in 1947. His two older brothers were musicians, so it was no surprise

when Ron learned the clarinet and drums. He joined an English group, the Birds,

who made just one album. In 1966 he defected to the Jeff Beck Group, and in

1969 with the remaining Small Faces he formed the Faces with Rod Stewart. In

April 1974 he recorded a solo album, I've Got My Own Album To Do, which

featured Keith Richards. He stood in on the 1975 Rolling Stones tour, and in

December left the Faces, leading to their breakup. By 1976, he was a junior

member of the Stones, and remains with the aging bad boys of rock. Other

birthdays: Jason Donovan, Alan Wilder (Depeche Mode), Mike Joyce (Smiths/Adult

Net) and Marilyn Monroe.