U.S. fans Will Have To Wait For New You Am I Album

Since their old album was just released in U. S., the new one won't be released here until, oh, maybe 1997...

The Australian combo You Am I, who are confirmed to play on the

second stage for the first half of Lollapalooza '96, will release their long

anticipated third album in Australia on June 24. Hourly, Daily was

recorded at Q Studios in Sydney with respected Australian engineers/producers

Wayne Connolly and Paul McKercher and mixed in Los Angeles by David Bianco.

Some of the songs on the 15-track follow up to the critically acclaimed Hi

Fi Way feature strings, percussion and a horn section, bringing new

textures and diversity to the band's distinct guitar sound. The title track is

a mellow, almost mournful acoustic number; "Good Mornin'" is a more

traditional You Am I pop-rock song with a real sing-along feel, while

"Mr. Milk"

is already well known to Australian fans. A senior staffer at You Am I's

Australian record label, RooArt, recently left the company and country to look

after the band in the U.S., but as yet there is no sign of a U.S. release date

for the album. It is unlikely that it will be released this year, as Hi Fi

Way (produced in 1994 by Sonic Youth's Lee Renaldo) was just released in

the U. S.