Tricky's Garbage Collection

Photo taken before he hooked up with Bjork.

Tricky, one of the flashier purveyors of trip-hip and

promiscuous collaborator with the likes of Damon Albarn, Terry Hall,

Gravediggaz, Alison Moyet and on a personal level, the elfin Bjork, has done it

again and booked time in a Chicago studio to re-record a new version of

Garbage's track "Milk" with the band. No, there's no personal relationship

here, Tricky and Garbage don't even know each other--they just admire each

other's work, and thought it might be rather amusing to work together. The

single should be out sometime this summer. No word who produced, but our guess

is the redoubtable Butch Vig was behind the knobs, as usual. As for the old

Trickster, he's already recorded an albumful of songs that should be released

by Island in September.