Royal Trux At Work On Next Album

Hangin' in Virginia.

ATN faves , and "hoodoo-voodoo garage punk cum rockabilly"

meisters, Royal Trux, are ensconced in their country home in the wilds of

Virginia working on their follow-up their major label debut,Thank You.

The band, who have long had a dark and dangerous reputation for living life on

the wild side, relocated to rural Virginia in late 1993, to keep themselves

away from the temptations of New York, where they were charter members of the

downtown scene, having been in Pussy Galore with Jon Spencer a lifetime ago.

But Jennifer Herrema, the stunning singer for the band, did make it up to New

York a few months ago, to pose in that spectacularly real Calvin Klein ad, with

other "ordinary people." When they did promos for the project, they asked all

the participants what they do (you know, job-wise). When they asked Herrema,

she said, "I'm Jennifer, and I'm Neil's girlfriend." Neil is Neil Hagerty, of

course, Herrema's partner in life (and crime) in Royal Trux.