Moby Song In Car Commercial For Good Cause

Now what about that rock album?

Although Moby once vowed never to allow his music to be

used in a commercial promotion featuring demon cigarettes, or the horseless

carriages, he has given permission for a car company to use one of his songs in

a commercial for Rover. The bald-headed genius has signed off on his "God

Moving Over The Face Of Waters," to be used in ads for the companies new "400"

car. However money he earns form the commercial will be used for environmental,

alternative energy and animal rights organizations, according to a report in

Melody Maker. He told the U.K. weekly that "There's something perversely

satisfying about taking money from a car company and giving it to organizations

which work to protect the environment. I figured that they were going to make

the commercial with or without my music , so why not let them use the track and

in the process help out some worthwhile charities." Moby is now ruminating

on what charities are the worthiest. If you have any druthers you can reach him

in care of his record company, which in the U. S. is Elektra Records.