Beach Boys' Pet Sounds Box For The Fans

Cover art from the great '60s classic.

In mid-May a four CD boxed set, The Pet Sounds

Sessions, will be released. The original monaural Pet Sounds stands

as one of the true masterpieces recorded during the '60s. It is the example of

Brian Wilson working at the peak of his creative powers. Paul McCartney has

said on a number of occasions that he and other members of the Beatles were

inspired by Pet Sounds to create Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club

Band, and Capitol records is using the line "The album the Beatles were

buying when you were buying Beatles albums" to promote the upcoming release.

If you're wondering how a single 37 minute album is going to turn into a

four CD boxed set, read on: One CD will contain the original mono version of

the album (you know, the one every Beach Boys fan already owns). Another CD

will be the first stereo version of the album to be released, with remixes

supervised by Brian Wilson (Wilson is deaf in one ear). The other two CDs will

contain outtakes and demos. Of note is the inclusion of the first take of "Good

Vibrations." Reuters reports that Capitol Records is also considering

releasing a double CD exclusively devoted to "Good Vibrations" this fall. That

set would include all versions of the famous Beach Boys hit. It would also mark

the first two-CD set devoted exclusively to one song.