Joan Jett's Good Reputation

New hit for Joan Jett?

Joan Jett is notoriously picky about what she lends her

name to. Last year she turned down the Chrysler Corporation, after they offered

her a half a million dollars to use one of her songs in one of their car

commercials. But when ESPN came to Jett with their hats in their hands and told

her that they were trying to resurrect women's sports and asked her if she'd

record the theme song from the Mary Tyler Moore show, "Love Is All Around," for

NCAA Woman's tournament, Jett was all ears. She agreed to the project, charging

them only production costs, immediately going into a studio to record a punk

version of the song. ESPN only wanted a 30 second snippet, but Jett couldn't

help herself and recorded 60 seconds--using up the production fees that ESPN

paid her and then some. But as they say, Instant Karma is gonna get you, and a

someone from Z-100 in New York heard the song during March madness, and wanted

to put it on the station. When he called ESPN they refused to help him out--in

fact they wouldn't even tell him who the artist was. Still, he tracked down the

version, and added the 60 second blip to the station's playlist. WDRE in Long

Island followed suit, and a station in Hartford, Connecticut instantly put it

in heavy rotation. When KROQ came calling, Jett and her long-time manager saw

it as a sign, and went into the studio again and recorded a two and a half

minute version of the song. Now the suits at Warner Bros. are all agog and want

to work the record. So far ten stations have picked up the utterly hummable,

"Who can turn the world on with a smile..."