And Now...The Sex Pistols

We thought we'd remind you to set your alarm clocks so you

can rise in the middle of the night and listen to the Sex Pistols press

conference. Here's the deal. It begins at noon in London. Thats means that if

you're on the east coast you can tune in at 7 AM, but if you're on the west

coast where the Addicted To Noise offices are located, you'll have to turn on

your computer at 4 AM. Johnny Rotten's got to be laughing his head off about

that. A temporary web page went up yesterday at


Right now you can go their and download a

handful of old photos. But on Monday you'll be able to listen to the press

confernece which will take place at London's 100 Club using a RealAudio player

which can be downloaded for free. Info about getting a player is available at

either of those sites, or just head over to the

Radio ATN

section of Addicted

To Noise.