Say It's Your Birthday: Lisa Loeb

Remember this line? "You say/ I only hear what I want to."

Remember those fabulous '90s? Seems like a decade ago that Lisa Loeb scored a

number one single ("Stay" from the Reality Bites soundtrack) before she

even had a recording contract. Say, what became of Lisa anyway? Did she wander

off into that endless empty loft in the "Stay" video, never to be heard from

again? Not quite, friends, and we'll take the occasion of Lisa's birthday to

tell you that not only is she fine, her lowered profile is actually a very good

sign. Let's face it, when you stop at number one it kinda limits your options.

She finally released her first album Tails with no exaggerated fan fare,

then quietly hit the road with her band Nine Stories to build an audience the

way any first album artist does. This sensible strategy is apparently working.

Tails, the basic tracks for which were sensibly recorded in her

boyfriend's/producer's apartment/studio in mid-town Manhattan, has just gone

gold. So she seems to be surviving her number one hit just fine, thank you.

Other birthdays today are Bobby McFerrin, Mark Stine of Vanilla Fudge, and Lisa

Loeb's father Lawrence