Peter Gabriel Bears Witness

Doing good work.

Peter Gabriel is very picky about the organizations that

he is affiliated with, but he's currently thrown all of his efforts into the

Witness Organization another human rights organization based on the Amnesty

model. When VH1 selects their annual recipients for their "VH1 Honors," they

allow the participants to select the charity of their choice who will benefit

from the proceeds of the concert. This year Gabriel, Michael Stipe, and Joan

Osborne were selected, but Gabriel said he would only participate if all the

money went to Witness Organization. VH1 hemmed and hawed, and then went to the

other recipients, and since they didn't have a problem with it, all the money

from the April 28 show, to be held at the Universal Amphitheater in Los Angeles

will go to the organization, that documents human rights abuses around the