Say It's Your Birthday: ABC's Martin Fry

Today is the birthday of Martin Fry of ABC, one of the

leaders of the New Romantics movement in the UK in the mid-80s. The band was

formed in 1980 when singer Fry teamed up with Stephen Singleton and Mark White,

who were members of the group Vice Versa. Their stylish debut made a big splash

in America, partially due to their high-profile videos that were shown on the

then infant-MTV. They moved from new wave to dance pop with their second LP,

Beauty Stab, which owed much to Roxy Music. It was almost a toss-up for

style over substance, but they did deliver with "The Look Of Love (Part One)"

and "Poison Arrow." Today is also the birthday of Lloyd Price, Trevor Burton of

The Move, Robin Trower of Procol Harum, Chris Thompson of Manfred Mann's Earth

Band, and Mark Lindsay of Paul Revere and the Raiders.