New Album Due From Goldfinger

New album follows

The ska-punk band Goldfinger is taking Rancid's lead

and quickly making a name for themselves. The band's current single, "Here In

Your Bedroom," is the #1 most requested song on KROQ, the L. A.-based Modern

Rock station, and is getting heavy airplay on other KROQ-esque stations

throughout the country. MTV has just picked up the video for the song, which

was directed by Richard Reines (host of "Sideshow," the avant-garde video

critique television program). Goldfinger released their first EP "Richter" last

year (which I gave a three star rating to in "44.1 kHz," ATN's album review

section) and will put out their self-titled debut album next Tues. (Mar. 12) on

Mojo Records. Goldfinger will perform at Aaron's Records in L.A. this Sat.