Musical Magic From Buffalo Tom

Boston trio Buffalo Tom started their summer tour of Australia in Perth

last week and as always, a big crowd of fans turned out to see and hear the

masters of melancholy guitar pop (who last visited in 1994).

After the show

many people seemed to barely notice the trio as they snuck out the door of

coastal nightclub Club Atlantis. On the street Bill Janovitz, Chris Colbourne

and Tom Maginnis could have been anybody, but on stage, they were a unique and

formidable combination.

Janovitz sang most of last year's single, "Summer,"

as if in a trance, adding extra emotion to an already moving pop masterpiece.

Then, much later, on "Treehouse," he was flinging himself all over the


Sometimes Colbourne looked as if he was trying to hide in a corner

while adding backing vocals, though he seemed very confident on his own songs

like "Kitchen Door." Maginnis was barely visible behind his kit. But together

the trio wove nothing short of musical magic. Songs from last year's Sleepy

Eyed were featured; tracks like the angst ridden "Taillights Fade" and the

rawer "Birdbrain" were welcomed like old friends.

Buffalo Tom continue

their Australian tour until Saturday, Mar. 9. Bill Janovitz said the band have

no plans to record again until at least October, though he did say he had

recently invested in some home recording equipment to work on some solo

material. "There's a good chance it will be significantly different to Buffalo

Tom," said Janovitz, explaining he had no real plans to release anything just

yet. "I think anything I did separate to Buffalo Tom while they were still an

entity I would be forced to make slightly different."