Bringing Poetry (And Lou Reed) To The Masses

Reed as he appears in The United States of Poetry special.

The United States of Poetry is a 37 track, 57

minute overview of the state of poetry in America in the '90s. The performances

were recorded (and filmed) during a 13,000 mile trek throughout the U. S.

While the five part TV special began airing last week, the CD arrives this

Tuesday, March 5. Even if you're not exactly into the Word, you won't want to

miss Lou Reed's reading of "Romeo Had Juliette." Also of particular note:

Leonard Cohen reciting "Democracy," Allen Ginsberg's "Personals" and Amiri

Baraka, who was once known as LeRoi Jones in his Beat poet days. The TV special

was directed by Mark Pellington, who has directed striking music videos since

his days in the '80s working at MTV. The entire United States of Poetry

project was conceived and produced by Joshua Blum and Bob Holman. You'll find a

QuickTime excerpt of Lou Reed's "Romeo Had Juliette" within the Lou Reed cover

story in this issue of Addicted To