The Bell Tolls For Guided By Voices

Greater than great.

ATN editor Michael Goldberg reports: Guided By Voices next

album, Under The Bushes Under The Stars, is everything one could hope

for from this brilliant Dayton, Ohio-based combo. Leader Robert Pollard packs

more hooks per 60 seconds than just about anyone on the planet, and he packs

more songs on a CD than anyone else too. The new one, which burns brightly for

nearly an hour (!!), contains 24 gems. This is what they used to call a two

record set, only for GBV it's just business as usual. Kicks off with the

meth-rush of "Man Called Aerodynamics," then careens through "Rhine Jive

Clock," "Cut-Out Witch" and "Burning Flag Birthday Suit." Journalist Jim Greer

is no longer with the band and original bassist Greg Demos (who originally quit

to become a lawyer) has rejoined GBV although neither played on the record.

Some of this was recorded in a 24 track studio in Memphis, and the fact is that

when you up the sound quality of this group's work, it just gets better. A

brilliant work and we'll be telling you more as we get closer to blast off.