Grammy Night Highs and Lows

Joan Osborne not upset about not winning Grammy.

Grammy night provided few surprises, except that the pouty

Mariah Carey was shut out completely. According to an interested bystander, she

was none too pleased with the results, and complained bitterly to her


at the after Grammy party. Another big loser was Rolling Stone cover

girl Joan Osborne, who had told her publicist earlier this week that, "I had a

revelation that I'm not going to win anything, so I'm beginning to make my

peace with that." You wouldn't expect any less from the very well-adjusted, and

spiritually attuned songstress who crooned "[If God Was] One Of Us," and "St.

Theresa," and who spent quality time in a religious retreat in India last year.

The one crimp, if you'll excuse the expression, in Osborne's mystique is that a

number of observers swear that the ever-present nose ring is a clip-on.


big surprise wasn't the sheer amount of winners at the Warner Bros./Reprise

post Grammy party, but the unexpected presence of a once high profile couple.

Peter Wolf, of J. Geils fame (who will have an album out in May) escorted his

former wife, Faye Dunaway to the shindig at Los Angeles' Ambassador


Epic Records may not have taken a lot of awards home, but they did

have the best guest list. They held their soiree at one of Beverly Hills'

chi-chi watering holes, the stylish Jimmy's, for the likes of Pearl Jam (Eddie

wore exactly what he had on for the Letterman Show, and Stone Gossard's

formerly blond hair is now cut short and chestnut brown) and Alice In Chains

(Layne Staley looked remarkably healthy according to our spies) were seen

hobnobbing with Dave Navarro and Chad Smith of the Chili Peppers. Rage Against

Machine were holding court in another part of the restaurant, talking about

their new album, which includes a song entitled "Brendan O' Brien." Timothy

Hutton, Uma Thurman's new squeeze, came late looking for Vedder. He told

everyone he wanted to tell Eddie that "he knew exactly what he meant when he

got his Grammy." Hutton should know having won a best supporting actor Oscar

for Ordinary People in 1980, when he was just a tyke. Kelly Slater, the

numero uno surfer in the world, was wandering aimlessly in his well-conditioned

glory looking for Brandi. Kelly and some of his cronies just inked a recording

deal with Epic for their band, Liquid. (What else did you expect them to call

it, Hang Ten?) The Presidents of the United States were there, acting very

well-behaved for once, while Baby Face, and a few of Boyz To Men weren't. But

the highlight of everyone's evening was when Stevie Wonder picked up a mike and

sang along to the canned muzak of "Superstitious." People were awed, and gave

him an ovation after his impromptu performance. They should have given Depeche

Mode's David Gahan an ovation for just being alive, looking none the worse for

wear from his close brush with the great beyond, after his tragic suicide

attempt last


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