Rancid Sneak Into The Studio

Cutting tracks.

Rancid went into Fantasy Studios yesterday (Thurs., Feb.

29) in the toney industrial district of Berkeley, California to record some

demos with Michael Rosen, who engineered And Out Come The Wolves. Tim

"Lint" Armstrong especially likes this particular studio because it's only five

minutes from his house, and of course because he has charmed the studio

personnel during the band's previous visits. Every morning the studio manager

runs out and buys Armstrong a case of Crystal Geyser water (Armstrong has been

clean and sober for some time now) and yesterday he requested a pair of

earplugs (does that bode well for the tone of this new record, we wonder?). We

tried to squeeze some news about antics of this irreverent band, but the studio

dogs told us, "they've got the windows covered up." So of course that only

makes us more curious about what goes on in there. Undeterred we pressured the

folks at Epitaph to see why the band booked five days at Fantasy (and paid for

them themselves). According to Epitaph, the band is not recording a new album.

We were told that Rancid are on a "long record cycle, and probably won't be

recording another album for a year. But you know how prolific they are-- they

just don't want to forget the new songs that they've written so they booked

time so they could get them all down. By the time they get ready to record,

they'll probably have 50 songs."