Ramones' Last American Show

Say goodbye to the Ramones.

We're sad to report that last night was the last-ever

American Ramones' show. Our (Very) Foreign Correspondent, Joey Ramone and his

brothers performed last night (Thurs, Feb. 29) at New York's Academy, which

they recorded for an upcoming live album. After this show, the guys head to

South America on March 5, where they will wind up their twenty-two year roller

coaster career in Argentina on March 14. It was a very poignant moment for fans

and band, and Joey told us that "every now and then it dawns on me that this is

it, then the realization sets in, especially because we're having such a good

time doing these last shows, that it'll soon be over. But I'm coping really

well. I'm excited for the future, and especially for my new radio show. There's

a couple of other things I'm looking into, but I really can't talk about them

now." So don't cry for them,