Ramones Second To The Last New York Show

Ramones with the legendary Gabba Gabba Hey flag.

The Ramones played their second to last New York show at

D-Generation principles Jessie Malin and Howie Porno's club, Coney Island High

night before last (Feb. 27). In the crowd was the requisite celebs, including a

slender and glamorous Debbie Harry, former Dictator Andy "Adny" Shernoff,

former Wax lead singer Joe Sip, Bebe Buell and her darkly handsome and

dangerous looking husband, rock sensation Coyote Shivers, and an unobtrusive

Eddie Vedder. Vedder had changed into his "play clothes" after his unannounced

Letterman appearance, and was almost unrecognizable in his baseball cap, jean

jacket and sneakers. He had come to New York to do some "business" and for the

final Ramones show (he had bonded closely with fellow baseball fan Johnny

Ramone when the Ramones were Pearl Jam's special quests for several shows

earlier this year) and came armed with a camera and filmed the entire show from

out front. When we talked to our own (Very) Foreign Correspondent Joey Ramone,

he told us he didn't recognize Vedder when he saw him backstage at Coney Island

High. "I didn't even know it was him at first when he came over. I went to

shake his hand, and he gave me a big hug. He's such a down to earth guy. I told

him about my new ATN radio show, and told him I was going to appropriate the

single of 'Sonic Reducer' that we did together--I told him that the only people

who heard it were the people in the Pearl Jam fan club, and I wanted to bring

it out in the open. He wanted to hear all about it, since he has his own radio

show, Monkeywrench ."