Kiss and Tell

Are you ready?

We have it on such good authority, we decided to go out on

a limb and tell you that in preparation of the Kiss Make-Up tour, the four

original members are getting back in their garb and grease paint and appearing

on the Grammys tonight. No they're not going to sit in the audience, and suck

up the stars, rather they'll make an on-camera appearance as presenters in one

of the categories. The band are really serious about this reunion tour, and

have hired a new manger, Doc McGhee, the one time manager of such heavy types

as Bon Jovi, Motley Crue and the Scorpions. Kiss is also threatening to hold

their press conference officially announcing this tour either Wednesday or

Thursday, when all the folks are in L. A. for the Grammys. These guys weren't

dubbed the Hype of the Year in 1973 by Rolling Stone for nothing (and

biggest band in America in 1976 by the Gallop