Ruby Wows David Byrne; Rocks The Vote

Ruby's latest fan. A guy called Byrne.

What's a nice Scottish girl doing supporting Rock The Vote

in America? Sure, sure she's getting tons of exposure appearing on the bill

with the Yanks, but Ruby's Leslie Rankine is something of an expatriate, having

lived in Seattle this past year to be near her collaborator, co-producer, and

soul mate Mark Walk. No they're not that kind of mates, but they do have a very

deep abiding, and from the sounds of Salt Peter, a fruitful friendship.

Walk, who doesn't perform with Ruby, is involved in Welt with former Skinny

Puppy principal, Ogre. Walk isn't performing in this outfit either. Rather he's

co-writing, creating samples and producing for his old friend, Ogre, and from

all accounts, they've made some really riveting sounds. Ruby has been wowing

almost everyone she meets on this tour, with her irreverent sense of humor, her

bluntness, and her electric stage performance. David Byrne was in the crowd at

New York's Mercury Lounge last week, where Leslie and friends kicked off their

small showcase tour. Byrne was overheard telling friends, that he was "in awe.

She's just brilliant." Another admirer in the crowd was En Esch from the

seminal industrial band


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