Black Crowe Trial Ends In Dead Lock

An update on the trial(s) and tribulation of The Black

Crowes and their alleged manager. Last week the trial of Kevin Jennings v The

Black Crowes ended in a deadlocked jury, over whether Jennings who alleges he

was the band's manager in 1989 was due a one sixth share in their debut album

Shake Your Moneymaker. A Fulton County, Georgia jury could not come to a

unanimous decision, so the judge declared the suit a mistrial. Legal

representatives for Jennings vow to retry the 1992 case, based on a pie chart

that was drawn up between band members and Jennings at a January 1990 meeting.

According to the Crowes' current manager Peter Angelus, the pie chart drawing

that all the band members signed (except lead singer Chris Robinson, who just

drew an X) was a bogus claim. "I believe that the plaintiff has literally made

up a claim... It doesn't surprise me at all that the plaintiff's attorney's

want to retry the case. How else will they collect their 40% contingency? I

hope it doesn't surprise them that the Black Crowes will continue to defend

themselves for as long as it takes until Justice is served." But as the saying

goes there are two sides to every story, and as the signed pie chart shows, in

this case there are probably


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