Fastbacks Dig Noise Pop '96 The Most

Fastback Kim Warnick figures, if the Replacements can make a career out of it, they can give a sloppy performance now and then. Original drawing for Noise Pop '96 poster by Frank Kozik.

The Fastbacks performed at the Noise Pop '96 festival

which took place in San Francisco this past weekend (Thurs., Feb. 22 thru Sun.

Feb. 25). Kim Warnick of the Fastbacks was there. Here is her report: Hi

everyone. Kim here from the Fastbacks. We just got back from our Noise Pop show

and are now starting to mix our new record that will hopefully be released in

July on Sub Pop. In talking to Noise Pop organizer Kevin Arnold this weekend, I

realized that the FBX have played every Noise Pop so far, which I believe is a

total of 4 [Editor's note: Four it is!]. Each one was so much fun. The first

one we weren't on the bill but we were in town [San Francisco] that night to

play at the Chameleon so the guys in the Meices and the Overwhelming Colorfast

asked if we'd come over before our show and play a couple songs, which we did,

and had a blast. It's great to see how many more people come every year. Even

though it probably gives Kevin a giant headache I think it's worth it. Seems

like everyone has such a good time.

Our show this last Friday [Feb. 23] was

one that we'd looked forward to for quite a while, especially Kurt [guitarist

Kurt Booch], who desperately needed a break from recording and as soon as we

got into town we went and had a delicious burrito, which after all is the real

reason we play in S. F. Yum. Went to the show and watched the Action Slacks

(they were great) Bracket (we luv them) and of course, our newest label mates,

Chixdiggit, who are a tough act to follow, to say the least.


Slacks, Live at Noise Pop
(2 minute


HREF="/music/Action_Slacks/mono-excerpt-Noise_Pop-live-28.ram"> RealAudio 28.8k


that night wasn't in the cards for us and we had a challenge in front of us,

trying to make the best of bad sound and one very angry [guitarist/singer] Lulu

Gargiulo, who got so riled up she ended up breaking her guitar in 2 pieces,

quite by accident.

Bracket, "867-5309", Live at Noise Pop

SIZE=3>(Full Song)


ALT="[PLAY]" BORDER=0 WIDTH=33 HEIGHT=24 SRC="/images/icons/ra28-play.gif">

RealAudio 28.8k

It certainly wasn't the most exciting FBX show

and it never seemed to catch fire after that. I'd like to thank Joe from the

Meices, who I really think saved us by joining us on-stage for "Trouble

Sleeping" an old FBX chestnut that the Meices have actually recorded for a

b-side somewhere down the line. I like their version better than ours! All in

all, not the best night for us but if bands like the Replacements can make a

whole career out of shows like this then we're not doing too bad. I promise

next time we'll be good.

Fastbacks, Live at Noise Pop, "Trouble

(1 min, 37 sec excerpt)


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RealAudio 28.8k

I ended up having such a good time anyway that I

changed my flight and stayed for the Saturday night show, which was a good idea

as I had a better night then the previous one. Spent that afternoon having

waffles and coffee at Jon Von's house and shopping in the city. I love S. F.

more than any other place in the U. S.! You people are lucky but how do you

afford it? Then we went to the show and got there in time to see Red Five, who

I thought were cool. I'll buy their record when it comes out. Then of course,

the Meices were up and they ruled. I hadn't seen them yet with their new

drummer, and thought he was a powerhouse. All their new songs sounded great and

it's always fun to heckle them from the side of the stage!

Sunday morning

finally came and with it saw the arrival of the Supersuckers, whose bus had

just pulled into the Phoenix as we were going out for breakfast so Eddie and

his lady, Cami, joined us. I ate breakfast and mulled over the good/bad idea of

staying yet another day which I decided against in the end. I'd had a great

time so it was time to go home. I really want to thank Kevin Arnold for having

us again and also the Bottom of the Hill (especially Ramona) for being so punk!

We'll come back anytime.

Until then, San Francisco, we love