Rage Against Machine Rages Against Chocolate

Not happy about being ripped off. Photo by Jay Blakesberg.

Rage Against Machine is, finally, just about ready for a

re-entry. After all, their last (and debut) album was released on November 2,

1992. Just so you know that they're awake now, and not putting up with any

nonsense, Zach De LaRocha and the guys have already gotten tough. We're told

they got wind of some punk upstarts called Chocolate who used a sample from the

track "Killing In The Name Of" on an album Chocolate is about to release. Rage

(and the record company they record for, Epic Records) were having none of

that, so they forced the band to remove the sample. Chastised but unrepentant

the Chocolate had to return to the studio and remaster their album "Hung,

Gifted And Slack," that will now have it's release date delayed until late May.

Meanwhile Rage's own new and long awaited album, Evil Empire, produced

by Brendan O'Brien, should be out in April.