Garbage Road Report #1

While in Dallas, Garbage learned that at the Texas Book Depository, handguns are not allowed.

ATN's latest correspondent is none other than Steve

Marker, "who plays guitar, and weird computer stuff too," in Garbage . Marker

tells us he likes being on the road because his hobby is collecting those

little shampoo samples that you get at cheap motels, and his main concern while

playing live is not bashing singer Shirley Manson with his guitar. Also

contributing to this report are drummer (and ace producer) Butch Vig ("who

wears headphones when he plays live; the rest of us can't figure out what he's

listening to- maybe talk radio"), Duke Erikson, who plays guitar and keys and

actually enjoys never sleeping and eating at truck stops, and Shirley Manson,

("aka Queen Helen, who gets along with the rest of us so well on the road

mainly because her Scottish accent is so thick that we rarely have a clue as to

what she is saying").

Sunday, Feb. 25th

So here's Garbage approaching

the triple underpass- leaving Dallas after our first show of Tour 2, which will

take us through the States for two months and Europe for one. Last night was

stress city- a new set, new songs, way too much stuff to remember, but it was

great to play in front of actual real live people again. Kids were knocking

over the lights by the third song, the midi guitars didn't explode, the crowd

was great, and Duke didn't get his head bashed in like he did in Copenhagen

last year, so it was a pretty good gig. The only technical mishap was when Duke

started "Milk" with the wrong keyboard patch in the sampler, and instead of the

dreamy melotron sound we used on the album, he played the first verse using the

"Metal Hammer" patch. Quite inspiring!!! Shirley was especially chuffed with

her new microphone stand, a sparkley pink creation of her own design. The

Elevator Drops are opening this part of the tour, and we think they're from

outer space but we're not sure. Good band though. Afterwards we took part in

some of the post-show ritual humiliation that we enjoy so much- getting our

pictures taken with our new gold records from the UK, Australia, and New

Zealand. About as much fun as getting your mug shot taken after getting

arrested for committing some particularly embarrassing and pointless stunt, but

it's really a thrill to have the records.

Things to do in Dallas, according

to Garbage: wear your Green Bay Packer hat around town like Butch and hope for

the best- apparently the locals have some sort of problem with this. You can

try to go to the "Mansion" restaurant for dinner and get thrown out by a

fake-French accent talking twit who wants "no den-eem" in his joint, you can go

to the grassy knoll and the Texas Book Depository ("no handguns allowed"-

apparently rifles are okay), and you can meet lots of really nice people at a

cool club called Deep Ellum Live.

Looks like we're going to have to work on

our rock-band vibe- the first thing that went on the tour bus VCR was

Masterpiece Theater. A sad state of affairs, but things are definitely looking

up- our bass player Daniel has already begun lobbying for "anything sick and

violent." Next stop is Austin, where we'll get lots of sleep and vitamins, and

calmly and thoughtfully prepare for our next musical performance on Monday.

Unless of course they have beer there, in which case we'll probably stay out

way too late, eat delicious food that is really really bad for you, get some

poor hotel manager really really mad at us, and feel really really awful Monday

morning, recovering just in time to put on a stonkin' show at Liberty Lunch.

Tune in to ATN for the next chapter of the Garbage road diary- future exciting

episodes include "Duke in New Orleans", "snowboarding with Noel and Liam", and

"Garbage figures out what country Ghent is in". See ya then, your Garbage