Bad Religion Show Marred By Fights

Maybe a free show wasn't such a hot idea.

A free performance by Bad Religion held at the Palladium

in Los Angeles this past Friday (Feb. 23) night was disrupted by fights in the

audience throughout the group's set. According to ATN reporter Brian Gross, who

attended the show, due to fighting that broke out as soon as Bad Religion took

the stage, "half of the show was played with all the lights on, which did take

away some of the excitement from the set..." Part of the problem may have been

the circumstances surrounding the performance. Everyone there got in for free.

At 7 AM Friday KROQ announced that tickets would be given away at two Tower

Records locations. Over 3000 tickets were given away to fans whose presense at

the Tower stores interrupted normal business, according to Tower employees. In

any case, the crowd at the show contained enough kids more interested in

fighting than rocking to make things unpleasant for many who attended. Despite

the problems in the audience, Bad Religion managed to deliver a spirited set

that included plenty of material off their new album, The Gray Race

including the title track and "2010," as well as old standards like "Fuck

Armageddon," "Modern Man" and "No Control." A good time was not had by all.