Gone But Not Forgotten: More Garcia Music

Old and In The Way rehearsing in the early '70s.

To go along with

the slew of post-Garcia, Garcia related recordings being put on the market,

mandolin maestro David Grisman, a longtime collaborator of Garcia's, recently

speculated about the possibility of releasing an album's worth of material the

two recorded every year on Garcia's birthday. "It would be a tribute of sorts,"

Grisman said. "I have enough material down for three or four whole albums."

Grisman's record label, Acoustic Disc, has released two of the duo's

collaborations so far: Garcia/Grisman and Not For Kids Only, a

collection of traditional children's tunes. In addition, Acoustic Dics just

released a bunch of previously unavailable material from Old and In The Way,

the early '70s bluegrass band that featured both Grisman and Garcia (on banjo).

Grisman, one of Garcia's closest friends, is obviously deeply affected by

Garcia's death. "I'm still in a sort of denial," he said during a recent

interview. "Going through the stuff we recorded together is one way of keeping

his spirit alive in me."