A Match Made In Hell: Marilyn Manson & Korn & Ozzy

Working on new album with Trent whats his name.

Marilyn Manson has been offered the next leg of the Ozzy

Osbourne tour beginning on April 9 and replacing the departing Korn, who

finally will get off the road after almost seventeen continuous months of road

warrioring, to begin their follow-up to last year's self-titled Korn. A

spokesperson for Korn seemed rather relieved that Korn would not be touring

with Marilyn Manson again. "Jonathan [Davis] really loves the band, but after a

few weeks he began to really start dressing funky, kind of like a member of

Marilyn Manson." Korn does seem to be neurotically aligned, what with Davis

being a former undertaker and an avid student of the strange, and the guys in

Manson being, well strange. The Manson-ites arrived in New Orleans last week

and began work on their next album Anti Christ Superstar with Trent

Reznor producing. The reason these oddballs from Florida have released the name

of their album so early is to declare their turf, and to dissuade any other

band from stealing the name(!). The very odd thing is that Chem Lab were

thinking of calling their upcoming album Anti Christ Porno Star but when

they found out about Manson's claim, they very agreeably gave up the name.

Either that or Marilyn and the gang threatened to put a voodoo curse on