Made Marion? The Grandmother Thing

Named after his grandmother?

We had to wonder why Marion, that most excellent band from

England's fertile Manchester (managed by former Smith's handler Joe Moss)

picked such a sissy name for their moniker? The story we're told? One day Jaime

Harding, the beauteous lead singer, was sitting around their practice place

with guitarist Tony Grantham, and he just uttered the word "Marion." "Marion?"

echoed Grantham. "Yes, that's going to be the name of our band." Grantham, who

has the reputation of being rather agreeable, didn't argue the point, later

confessing that he thought Harding might have been channeling entities, so he

thought it was best to say nothing. So instead he just sagely nodded his head

waiting for comrade to continue. "It's the name of me grandmother," Harding

declared a trifle defiantly. So there you have it. The band is winding its way

around America doing a small club tour to promote their new album This World

and Body.