Radio ATN Debuts "The Bonnie Simmons Show"

OK. Last month the New York Times informed the

world that rock radio was dead (in a cover story on their "Arts & Leisure"

page. We're here to tell you that rock radio is not dead. Want proof? Just

check out "The Bonnie Simmons Show," as well as "In the Lab with the Smashing

Pumpkins," our first artist special. You'll find both at Radio ATN in this

issue. Bonnie has been making waves in "underground" rock radio since the early

days of the medium (she was a program director and DJ at KSAN in the early

'70s). Bonnie will be introducing you to music you almost certainly have not

heard on commercial radio, and probably haven't heard anywhere else other than,

possibly, coming from your own CD player. Radio ATN shows will emphasize cool

new music, plus older tracks that have, for the most part, been overlooked.

Coming on Mar. 1, the first assault from our very own Special Correspondent and

all around multi-media maven, Joey Ramone, with "Joey Ramone's Radio Coup." All

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