Bad Religion Plays A Free Show And Pisses Off Tower Records

Causing chaos as usual.

ATN Los Angeles Correspondent Brian Scott Gross

called us

up at an obscenely early hour yesterday (never mind what we were doing

in the

office at such an hour!) to tell as that radio station KROQ in L. A. had

decided it would be the neighborly thing to do to have Bad Religion perform a

free show for the city of angels. Plan A was to hold it at a park in Los

Angeles, but a certain West Hollywood councilman decided it was too close to

his abode. Plan A aborted.. Undaunted the jocks and staff at KROQ quickly came

up with Plan B. Allow Bad Religion to perform at the Palladium and give

away tickets at two locations in the area--Tower Sunset and Tower Costa

Mesa--just twelve hours before the show. Sounded good to the staff at the

station, and what the hell, they'd even foot the bill for a few security guards

to make sure that everything ran smoothly. Sounded like a solid idea.

Yesterday (Friday, Feb. 23) the free show was announced on the "Kevin and

Bean Show" at 7:00 AM, hours before they were to start giving away tickets at

the two stores. Big mistake. We guess someone underestimated the popularity of

Bad Religion (who, by the way, grace the cover of the issue of the Addicted To

Noise you are now in). Todd Meehan, Tower Sunset's store manager, told ATN: "We

had a parking lot full of kids at 10:00 AM this morning, and we weren't going

to give out tickets until much later." Another Tower employee told us that by

the time he got to work at 8:30 AM there was a "large throng outside already, a

crowd that no one could control. "No one who didn't want free tickets wanted to

get anywhere near the store, so we didn't hardly have any sales until all the

tickets were gone."

Three thousand tickets were given away by 11:00 AM but

people still crowed into the store. More than 400 fans were turned away from

the Sunset store alone. (Hey, Tower are lucky some of those fans didn't torch

the place. Just a joke.) "KROQ should have set up, made the announcement, given

the tickets away and that would have been that. Instead the loss of the parking

lot space meant a loss of paying customers. Those people most likely went to

another store. This is probably the last time we'll ever do such an event,"

huffed Meehan, who added that Tower's parking lot was filled with avid Bad

Religion fans for over five hours.

If all went as planned, not only did

Bad Religion do it up right last night, but so did The Customers, a band whose

debut album was just released on Vapor Records, the new label started by

manager Elliot Roberts and Neil Young. The Customers are a twin guitar rock

band with a very Rolling Stones quality to their aggressive sound. Opening were

to be Goldfinger.