Say It's Your Birthday: Aerosmith's Brad Whitford

Hard to believe, but someone actually wrote a book about Aerosmith. Oh well...

We at the ATN birthday bureau live for days like this,

when we can not only celebrate the birth of a respected member of the musical

community but call attention to someone whose talents are not adequately

appreciated. Such a someone is Aerosmith guitarist, Brad Whitford born 44 years

ago today in Winchester, Massachusetts (hometown also of Bruce Springsteen

manager Jon Landau and Giant Records media relations maven Julie Farman --is it

something in the water?). Hang on, you say, isn't Joe Perry the guitarist of

Aerosmith? Well...yes, and that's exactly what we're talking about. Aerosmith

is classic two guitar assault vehicle of classic rock band design, but the

other half of the equation seems to get overlooked. So to identify him in terms

you'll understand, Brad Whitford is the Aerosmith guitarist a) does not play

Keith Richard to Steven Tyler's Mick Jagger, b) is not a toxic twin, c) does

not have all kinds of rehab muscles and an MTV-friendly sneer. But to identify

how important Brad is to Aerosmith musically, we invite you, the next time you

grace an Aerosmith concert with your presence, to try spending as much time

watching Brad as you would normally devote to watching Joe. you'll be amazed to

see how many of the great guitar parts belong to Mr. Whitford. This may not

make him quite the Brian Jones of Aerosmith, but on February 23, anyway, we say

that Brian Jones was the Brad Whitford of the Rolling Stones. Other birthdays

are Johnny Winter, Howard Jones, and David Sylvain of