Oasis & Others Spark Slade Revival

Oasis feel the noize. Photo by Jay Blakesberg.

Since Oasis covered Slade's "Cum Feel The Noize" there's

been a renewed interest in the States for this hard rock cum glam band from the

'70s who specialized in loud, trashy music of the most exuberant kind. They may

have looked like buffoons in their plaid and strange head gear, but they really

knew how to move a crowd, garnering fans as diverse as Ian Hunter (Mott the

Hoople) and Lou Reed. Even Quite Riot, that wretched hair band has reformed and

is mounting a small club on the strength of their '80s cover of "Cum On Feel

The Noize" (a Top 5 hit in the U. S.). Now the BBC has given lead singer Noddy

Holder his own weekly radio show called "Glitter and Twisted." We hear it's a

real experience listening to the man who wrote "Mama Weer All Crazee Now" and

nothing like another '70s casualty, John Lydon's prerecorded "Rotten Day,"

which is broadcast daily on 33 stations through out the U. S. And no, speaking

of the Sex Pistols, Lydon hasn't yet commented on the impending Sex Pistols

reunion that's scheduled to take place in June--but Steve Jones has been

telling all his cronies that it's a done