Ministry Names Opening Acts

This cover art is so beautiful we couldn't help but share it with you again.

Ministry's tour to promote Filth Pig is set to

kick-off as promised in late March starting in Oklahoma City. The news is

they've finally settled on their opening acts, after they were shut-out on

their first choice of Soundgarden (after the folks from Lollapalooza began to

court Chris Cornell and friends with a vengeance). So far they've snared The

Young Gods, those soulful industrials from Switzerland, who made a tasteful

ambient splash in America with their release of the classy Only Heaven,

but the jury is till out on whether Jim Thirwell AKA Foetus will open for the

first half of the tour which will run from March 27 to April 30. On the second

part of the tour the Windy City shit-stirrers, and Lollapalooza '95 faves,

Jesus Lizard will guest star and to continue the quasi-European theme, Leika

and the Cosmonauts, will open up for the half that runs through May 26 ending

in Las Vegas.