Riverdales Review Plus More In "44.1 kHz"

In Chicago, there is a man. He is also a writer. And he

is, in our opinion, an expert on a special genre of music that we think of as

"fringe rock." That man is Gil Kaufman. We have recently published two more of

his reviews (hey, this guy sends us so many reviews we don't know what to do).

You will find those reviews--one is of Soul Junk's album, 1952 and the

other is the Willie Nelson tribute, Twisted Willie--at

HREF="/ATN/issues/2.02/Sections/44.1kHz/">"44.1 kHz," our album review

section. You will also find RealAudio 2.0 sound samples with both of those

reviews, so you can check out the music instantly as long as you're equipped to

play RealAudio 2.0 samples. Oh yeah, we've also finally got a review of

Hellbent: Insurgent Country Vol. 2, which you definitely want to dig

into. And don't miss Michael Lach's review of Blue Mountain's Dog Days.

And, finally, don't miss Chris Nelson's review of the Riverdales album.