Radiohead Head Up UK Rock The Vote

Next album will likely be a long time comin'.

Radiohead are still coasting on the success of 1995's

extraordinary Bends, and seem in no hurry to record a follow-up. In fact

the band has only just rented a practice space and are nowhere near entering a

studio. Guitarist Ed O'Brien told Melody Maker that "We've just leased

our own rehearsal space--this old apple shed that we've converted. So we're

rehearsing new material now. We're taking a leaf out of the Beastie Boys book.

We want to get our own recording equipment in a very low-key rehearsal room,

and just record things when they're fresh and exciting." The band are about to

embark on an America tour, trying to get a toehold on the American market and

build on the momentum they generated with last years "Fake Plastic Trees."

Before they left for the colonies Radiohead was actively involved in the UK

version of Rock The Vote. The organization, modeled on the U. S. version kicked

off their campaign in London yesterday at the Ministry of Sound club, and hope

to raise £1,000,000 ($1,333,000) to spend on advertising before the next

British General Election, in the belief that U. S. Rock the Vote, with the

support of R.E.M., L7, and Pearl Jam, was an important factor in the outcome of

the 1992 elections. O'Brien told reporters that "You have to get involved if

you want to change