Joey Ramone Takes On D-Generation

Joey Ramone (not pictured) hung with these dudes in the studio the other night.

Joey Ramone interviewed D-Generation the other night. He

plans to include excerpts from the interview in an upcoming edition of his

Radio ATN show, "Joey Ramone's Radio Coup," the first of which will premier on

Mar. 1. He met up with the D-Generation crew at the infamous Electric Ladyland

studios in New York City, where in between bites of take-out Indian,

D-Generation has been recording their second album with the very famous and

very tall former leader of the Cars, Ric Ocasek, at the helm (they claimed they

lured Ocasek away from Weezer during a long-winded meeting over coffee and

beer). Here's what Joey had to say about the tete-a-tete:

"I was at

Electric Lady Studios, Jimi's old haunt, interviewing D-Generation and Ric

Ocasek. The first thing D-Generation said to me was: "Has anyone ever told you

that you look like Ric." I said, "No, people used to tell me I looked like

Patti Smith." Ric and I really hit it off, and he seems like a really decent

guy. I never met him during the Cars days, although I liked the band. I told

him I liked their first record--that it was like a bubble gum record with "My

Best Friend's Girl." After that we talked about the Ramones playing their final

shows, and his career as a producer. I said to him, "So you have a successful

second career." He said, "I always loved working in the studio, but after this

record I want to do my own project. I might even put a band together for it.

It's going to be a very eclectic album, I'm not sure what direction it's going

to take, I'm just going to do what I feel like doing." He seemed concerned that

the Ramones were stopping and told me, "Whatever you do Joey, don't stop

playing music and writing." Not that I ever would. Joey Ramone also told us

that the Ramones have asked Iggy to appear as the as the special guest artist

for their last show on March 16 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and more

importantly that the Igster