Pulp's Jarvis Cocker Disrupts Brit Awards

Cover of Pulp's last album.

Thank god for Jarvis Cocker, lead singer for Pulp. Cocker

brought a bit of rock 'n' roll attitude to the yearly Brit Awards ceremony

Monday (Feb.19) when he mounted the stage during a performance by Michael

Jackson as Jackson was being lowered to the stage by a wire (how cute). Cocker

and a friend began dancing below Jackson, but were promptly arrested. A scuffle

ensured and three children who are part of Jacko's dance troupe were reportedly

injured. Later, Cocker denied charges of assaulting the children. However

British police said the singer was suspected to causing bodily harm to the

kids. He was released on bail. Cocker's spokesman insists: "Jarvis did not

assault anyone." According to a report from Reuters, before the ceremony

began, Cocker said, "Awards are a good thing if you get nominated because you

go to the party, get really drunk and show yourself up--which is always

something I enjoy doing." Meanwhile, Oasis won awards for best group, best

album and best