Snoop Not Guilty Of Murder

Jury says The Man didn't do it.

We were pleased to heart that Snoop Doggy Dogg and his

bodyguard were both acquitted yesterday (Feb. 20) of murder in a drive-by

shooting. According to Reuters the jury was deadlocked over two lesser

charges and the judge ordered them to continue their deliberations. Snoop (real

name: Calvin Broadus) was cleared of first and second-degree murder and a third

charge of conspiracy to commit assault. His bodyguard McKinley Lee was also

found not guilty of the three major charges relating to the killing of Philip

Woldemariam. While reading the verdicts, the jurors, who had deliberated for

over a week, said they were deadlocked over whether the pair were guilty of

involuntary manslaughter and being accessories after the fact. Reuters

reports that the judge ordered them to return to the jury room to try and reach

a verdict on those