Neil Young Goes Interactive

Turning that Bridge footage into a CD-ROM.

Don't hold your breath for that Neil Young box set (hell,

you've waited five years for it already, what's a few years more). We just got

word this past weekend that Young archivist Joel Bernstein has whittled the

material from which Young will picks songs for the project down to the best

three versions of all of Young's songs. Hmm. Now they just have to get

it down to the best version of each, then pick the songs for inclusion and

then... Another five years? Well, meanwhile GTE Interactive (the company that

produced Rolling Stones' Voodoo Lounge Interactive CD) are involved in a

project featuring Neil Young's yearly Bridge School Benefit shows. According to

GTE, "The CD will contain footage from all eight of the superstar-studded

acoustic concerts, plus information on computer resources for handicapped

children, the school's raison