Black Crowes Day In Court

Management problems?

Imagine ATN's surprise when we tuned into Court TV the

yesterday (we swear it was the first time) and saw a be-bespectacled and

bearded Chris Robinson, lead singer of The Black Crowes, dressed in a suit and

tie on the witness stand. Instead of continuing to flick through the channels,

we settled down for a good gander at what was transpiring. It seems that Kevin

Jennings, a man who claims to have been a one-time manager of the band, was

suing the Black Crowes in a Fulton County, Georgia court house for breach of

contract. Jennings contends that he was the manager for the band in 1989, a

deal that was consummated at a business meeting on January 2, 1990, where all

five members of the Black Crowes were present. Apparently they drew up a

pie-chart (yes there were audio visuals, including the chart scrawled on

burnt-orange paper, as well as a snapshot of Jennings posing with the band)

promising to give Jennings, as their alleged manager, one-sixth of their

earnings. Four of the Crowes signed their John Hancocks, while Chris Robinson

drew an "X," and if truth be told, only after his brother Richard Robinson

persuaded him to. Chris Robinson told the attorney for the plaintiff, Scott

Sanders, that he didn't remember the meeting, who was there, or signing a

document, and disputes the signature on the chart, but did say it "was possible

that it's mine." His brother later took the stand, and claimed the same memory

loss, but when asked whether or not he knew or objected that Jennings had Black

Crowe business cards made up in 1990, he answered "I probably would have

thought it was kind of cool having business cards." As it stands, the

defendants claim that they bought Jennings out of the contract for a mere $300,

and have a check to prove it--although it only says "Pay To The Order of Kevin

Jennings" and does not designate anywhere on the document what he's being paid


The case resumes today, so check your local listings, tune in and see

if Jennings is able to claim his "fair share." Admittedly it ain't Snoop Doggy

Dogg, but it's good soap opera. And you've got to see Chris Robinson looking so

geeky in his brown suit and