Say It's Your Birthday: Seal

Sealhenry Samuel, born this day in 1963 in London,

England, gave little indication early on that he was destined to become one of

the major rock-soul figures of the nineties. He began his career as an

architecture student who sang only occasionally in rock clubs. A tour of Japan

accompanying an English funk band undertaken as a lark turned into a year long

sojourn through the Far East and India. When he returned to England, he had

acquired a sense of purpose musically and spiritually, an intertwining concern

that continues to distinguish his work. After a guest star turn on a UK dance

hit in 1990, he hooked up with producer Trevor Horn, in what has proved to be

an inspired studio partnership. Horn's production style, as evidenced by his

Frankie Goes To Hollywood and ABC hits, has always been cleverly bombastic. Add

Seal's voice and songs, however and bombast frequently becomes magnificence. It

is also the birthday of Smokey Robinson, Black Sabbath guitarist Tommy Iommi,

Dave Wakeling of the (English) Beat, Falco, Lou Christie and Stan