U2 On Jimmie Rodgers Tribute Album & In Studio

With the Passengers behind them, U2 look to the future.

Time again we at ATN have tried to influence the members

of U2 to get off their duffs, quit renovating the odd hotel, stop giving

university lectures, certainly stay out of Jamaican drug-wars, and stop making

novelty albums like last year's Passenger (well, actually, quite a few

of us like that one!). We're okay about the charity work for War Child but all

we really want is for the lads to get back into the studio and finish up the

follow-up to 1993 (!)'s Zooropa. I mean are we working on Stone Roses

time or what? Latest word from the front is that the group is back in the

studio, and hard at work. But there is no release date for this rock 'n' roll


Meanwhile, two members of the group will appear on the Jimmie Rogers

tribute album that will be the first release from Bob Dylan's yet unnamed

label. According to a U2 spokesman, Bono sings and Larry drums on a track

called "Dreaming With Tears In My Eyes" that they recorded in Dublin recently

for the compilation. Other notables on-board are George Harrison, Willie

Nelson, Steve Earle, John Mellencamp and, of course, Dylan himself. Like we

said, as cool as all this sounds, can the side projects, guys and get back to