Screaming Trees Scream Louder

Screaming Trees singer Mark Lanegan is cool. The shades give it all away.

Masters of Reality lead singer and


whiz Chris Goss called yesterday to tell us that he was recently in the studio

producing a promising Belgian band called Soul Wax at Hollywood Sounds, when

studio neighbors Screaming Trees barged in. They shanghai-ed Goss and forced

him to sing backgrounds on three of their songs, which will appear on the

groups upcoming (and long-awaited) album (currently being produced by George

Drakoulias of Black Crowes fame). The Trees have also hired Jeff Nolan,

formerly of I Love You and The Magnificent Bastards, to play guitar on the

record. No word yet on whether Nolan is a permanent addition to the group. Goss

is certainly in demand these days, he also produced two vocal tracks for the

Stone Temple Pilot album (yet untitled) that is due out on March 26. Goss took

over the reins for Brendan O'Brien who, as we told you earlier this week, is in

Seattle producing the new Pearl Jam album.