Silverchair Touring With Peppers, On MTV, Acting Nervous

Kennedy made a fool of herself, as usual, while interviewing the young lads last night on guess what combo music video, tits & ass and soap opera channel?

Music News Of The World editor Jaan Uhelszki

and ATN

Australian correspondent Alex Jackson report: Silverchair are back in the


opening for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, which they did last night at Madison

Square Garden. But last weekend, before the Peppers tour began, they headlined

the LA Palladium last night, and it was quite the momentous occasion. As they

pulled into sound check, they were greeted by a throng of 150 screaming teenage

girls, in a scene right out of Hard Day's Night. Unbeknownst to the

girls, the band had just come from the hospital where the drummer, Ben Gillies

had just been taken complaining of "side pains." He was seen and released, but

advised to come back after the show for more tests. After that things could

only get better. But no, the underage Aussies managed to blow out their sound

system not once but twice, once during "Madman" and again during their last

song "Israel's Son." Things did begin to pick up a little, when someone threw a

pair of the itsiest, bitsiest pair of scarlet bikini underwear at Daniel John's

feet. Their obliging roadie wasted no time in scooping them up, and putting

them on, the only problem is he wore them on his head. John's barely noticed as

he worked his way through the band's 60 minute set, spiced up with some new

songs, and a couple of punk covers--a nice change from their usual grunge

redux. After it was all over, young Gillies returned to the hospital at 2:00 AM

where he spent the rest of the night under observation for what was feared to

be an acute appendicitis, but turned out to be a bad case of indigestion.

In addition to the Peppers tour, Silverchair will play two dates with

their label mates and hot new Australian trio Ammonia: singer/guitarist Dave

Johnstone, bassist Simon Hensworth and drummer Allan Balmont.

Ammonia hail

from the isolated city of Perth, Western Australia, and released their debut

album Mint 400 late last year. It was produced by Kevin "Caveman"

Shirley, who also took production credits on Silverchair's hugely successful

Frogstomp debut.

Atlanta radio station 99X, a strong supporter of

Silverchair, has already thrown its support behind Ammonia's single "Drugs,"

but other stand out tracks on the album include the current Australian single

"Ken Carter," "In A Box" and "Sleepwalking" (previously released as EPs in

October 1994 and March 1995 respectively).

Ammonia played their first U.S.

show at the Dragonfly in Los Angeles this past Thursday (Feb. 8); they team up

with Silverchair at the International Ballroom in Atlanta on Sunday (Feb. 10)

and for a show in Chicago on Feb. 17. Ammonia also play at Brownies in New York

on Tuesday Feb. 13.

Next up for Silverchair is the UK and Europe, starting

on Tuesday Feb. 20 in Manchester with a show with Everclear. Ammonia return to

Australia later this month to play a Sony conference but they are expected back

in the U. S. for a full tour in March or